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Teachers need a simple way to keep pupils online during Omicron

Disruptions to learning are set to continue with pockets of isolating students needing to learn from home.

DfE will grant fund Schools for upto £75 per pupil so you can keep them online between September 21 and February 22.

You need SIM cards in your office, which you can activate immediately, so you are prepared for when a pupil has to isolate and get online quickly.

You need a friendly & focused team with real people, not a faceless corporate.

You need a a simple, risk free and cost effective SIM card offer tailored to meet the grant requirements.

You need a short term service with no risk of extra charges, to meet a short term requirement.

You need a mobile network with the best 4G coverage and speeds.

The first 100 schools get a free pack of 5 SIM cards

Or if you need more, buy online or call us 01225 588101.

A safe and secure service


Safe Browsing Built-In

Adult content filter activated by default


Ready to learn same day

You have the SIMs in your office, activated over the phone or online within an hour


Widely available and fast enough for video calls

We use the UK's fastest and most widely available 4G network.


No extra charges

It's £20 for 100GB of internet data (which is plenty for a pupil at home for a month), plus VAT. For 1 or 3 months.

Everything else is disabled.

Here's how it works

SIMs in your office, ready to go.

You get a pack of SIMs and keep them in your office. When a child needs internet on their 4G router or tablet, you can activate it immediately online or by phone.

If you run out, we'll have more there the next day.

Re-Use or Self Destruct

You can get the SIM back and use it for another pupil within the 1 or 3 month period. After that period, you have a further 30 days to re-activate the SIM, before it will self destruct. No risk if it gets lost at home.

One simple price, no comittment.

Each SIM has 100GB of data. Loads for online learning. It's £20 per month plus VAT. SIMs can be activated for 1 or 3 months.

No extra charges.

Great support

We're a small & friendly team who will know who you are when you call or email.

We're open 9-5 for calls, and will reply to emails out of hours.

It's safe & risk free

We turn on adult content filtering, and we turn off calls, texts, international & premium charges.

No extra charges - we promise.

School friendly payment

Sign our simple agreement, and then we'll send you an invoice once a week for SIMs activated. We're happy to work with your finance team.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What coverage do you have?

The network we use is consistently rated best for coverage and speed across the whole of the UK.

You can use the checker to confirm a specific postcode:

How fast is the network?

We use the EE 4G network. This is consistently rated as the fastest and most widely available network. Therefore, as long as your pupils don't have significant indoor coverage problems, they will get a signal good enough for video calling on teams or zoom.

What sort of device do I need?

Our SIM cards will fit into any modern tablet or 4G router. Ideally it would be unlocked, but if it was previously locked to EE, then our SIM will work.

What level of adult content filtering is applied?

Our SIM cards will allow access to social networking sites but not to 18-rated content in accordance with BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) guidelines or to pornography sites. This filter is maintained using industry standard lists, by our host mobile network.

How do I get more SIM cards?

You can order more SIMs on our website, or, once you are an active customer, you can just ask us for more. The first 5 are free, then SIM cards cost £2 plus VAT each, in packs of 10 or 20.

If you think you will need more, please let us know.

Next day delivery is included in the price.

Are there any hidden fees or excess charges?

No. We guarentee there will be no out of bundle or excess charges. The cost is £20 per month per SIM plus VAT for 100GB of data.

We will block the SIMs from making calls, sending SMS, and using international, premium or roaming calls.

How does billing work?

Each Friday, we will send you an invoice, payable via Bank Transfer within 21 days. The invoice will be for the service for SIMs activated in that week.

We're happy to complete any procurement or account opening paperwork you require.

You can activate a SIM card for 1 month (£20 plus VAT) or 3 months (£60 plus VAT).Y

Want to talk it over before signing up?

Give us a call on 01225 588101 or email

Get start now, the first 100 schools get a pack of 5 free SIM cards.

Or if you need more, buy online or call us 01225 588101.

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